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KANE , A simple Japanese to English dictionary midlet.

download the midlet KANE 0.91
download the dictionary and the latest version of the midlet Dictionary

here is the readme.txt for version 0.91
KANE v0.91 by I.R.on
This is a simple Midlet implementation of a
Japanese to English dictionary. It uses a 
converted Edict* dictionary which contains
entries that can be written in hiragana
alphabet of Japanese.

You should have the kane.uni file in the
storage folder of the application.

There are known bugs and limitations : 

1. Program makes use of Siemens sl45i/6688i's 
support of Chinese characters (kanjis) and 
Japanese characters. So you should have a 
Chinese version of the firmware installed 
on your phone.

2. Some Japanese kanjis are not available in
the Chinese alphabet , so these characters will
be shown as spaces in the kanjikana section of 
the search result.

3. Only romaji can be input to lookup.
Hopefully I will add katakana , kanji and
mix of kanji+katakana+hiragana

4. Dictionary is searched and only the first
matching entry is returned. I will return all 
the matching entries in an upcoming version.

5. There are few missing points in conversion 
from romaji to hiragana. 
for example : you should use hutatsu instead of

6. Several English meanings are displayed at
once in the English field.

...and the bugs.

1. Sometimes an entry can't be found even if
it's in the dictionary.

* : Edict (See EDICT.DOC in the dictionary archive)
Copyright (C) 1994,1995,1996,1997 James William Breen
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