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Inek , a flexible multi dictionary midlet with practice feature.

New! I'm releasing the sources for the Inek since I halted development of it. Sources may seem ugly, I didn't have time to make them better. Here you are, Inek V1.0 Sources

download the latest version of the midlet.
There are two sample dictionaries in the zip file. One of them features the full list of irregular verbs of Deutsch. The other one is just the subset of them (the root verbs without prepositions.) The verbs transcribed from the list of irregular verbs in Moment Mal Lehrbuch 2

New! added a few more sample dictionaries You should add the line specified in inek.ini config line column to your inek.ini to use the specific dictionary. Of course you should first unzip the dictionary zip file to the storage folder of your Inek installation.

DictionaryWord Count inek.ini config line
English to Turkish>35.000DownloadEnglish - Turkish,turkceidx.uni,turkcekey.uni,sozluk.txt||00FD,0069,00FE,0073,00F0,0067
Italian to Turkish3.077DownloadItalian - Turkish,ItalianTR.idx,ItalianTR.key,ItalianTR.txt||00FD,0069,00FE,0073,00F0,0067
English to French~3.250DownloadEnglish - French,FrenchDict.idx,FrenchDict.key,FrenchDict.txt||
English to German~8.320DownloadEnglish - German,GermanDict.idx,GermanDict.key,GermanDict.txt||
English to Italian~5.150DownloadEnglish - Italian,ItalianDict.idx,ItalianDict.key,ItalianDict.txt||
Latin to English~8.320DownloadLatin - English,LatinDict.idx,LatinDict.key,LatinDict.txt||
Spanish to English~3.470DownloadSpanish - English,SpanishDict.idx,SpanishDict.key,SpanishDict.txt||

Note : Most of the above dictionaries are from The Internet Dictionary Project

You are not limited to these sample dictionaries. You can create your own ones. For this , you can use the utility program InekogluInek.It is the indexer for the dictionaries that Inek uses. You can use it on any java aware platform.

Download InekogluInek. For instructions regarding usage please refer to the relevant part in the readme below.

here is the readme.txt for version 1.0
Inek v1.0 by I.R.on
Inek is a multi dictionary midlet for the java capable 
Siemens phones. You should be able to transfer files to 
the storage area of the program to make use of it. For SL45, 
this transfer thing is straight forward , i'm not sure about 
the other models though it run finely on the sl55 emulator.

Inek features a beta practice feature where the random keys
from the selected dictionary is shown to be guessed. Work for
improvement is still in progress for this feature.
You can operate Inek in four languages. Turkish , English , 
Deutsch, Japanese (requires kanji support , such in 6688i)
It detects and use the language of your phone if it's set to 
Turkish,English or Deutsch.

inek.ini file 

this file defines the dictionaries that are available.
it has three parts delimited with "|" character.

dictionary definition|input map|output map

dictionary definition has 4 parts delimited with "," character

dictionary name,index file,key file,dictionary file

Input map is currently not used.Output map defines the 
character translation used when the dictionary search 
results are displayed. it consists of pairs of unicode 
character values.
for example : 
00FD,0069,00FE,0073 in this field implies that all 
characters 00FD is replaced with 0069 when displayed. 
same for the 00FE , 0073 pair. you can define as much as 
translation pairs here.

InekogluInek utility
You can use this utility to make your own dictionary files. 
Each line in the dictionary file should be an entry and 
each entry should have two fields separated by a tab 
character. One key and a result. You can use the 
dictionaries that come with Inek to test this program.

assuming that you have the java executable in your path ,
you should use the following command to invoke the 

java -classpath inekogluinek.jar InekIndex dict.txt dict.key dict.idx

after successful operation of this program you should copy 
the (dict.txt,dict.key,dict.idx) to the storage folder of 
your Inek installation and add a line to the inek.ini file 
such as : 
My funny dictionary,dict.idx,dict.key,dict.txt||
input map and output map is ignored in this very dictionary.

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