Tepetaklak.com is my personal web page since 2002. You can find stuff produced by me under different nicknames for several platforms. I.R.on for C64, WiiCrazy for Wii and corporate Irduco for Android. You can contact me at various forums I'm active. The list is as below.

http://www.wiidewii.com (WiiCrazy)
http://www.commodore.gen.tr (i_r_on)
http://www.gbatemp.net (WiiCrazy)
http://6502.org (i_r_on)
http://forum.lemon64.com (i_r_on)
http://www.eksisozluk.com (iron)

And here is my blog where I occasionaly rant

Email : nejat@tepetaklak.com