Android applications developed by Irduco

These are the android applications and games I developed with my corporate entity Irduco. Strangely the ones that needed longer time to develop performed poorly compared to 1 day stuff.

Crazy Color

Crazy Color is a fast paced color identifying game. Test your color recognition skills and compete with your friends and find out who is craziest.


Crazy Math

An addictive mathematics game.



A game that can be easily grasped and instantly played by all ages. You control the game by touching the screen. Your aim in the game is to track the line by your finger. Avoid obstacles by raising your finger off screen.


Kanji Wall

Kanji Wall is a fun app intended to discover new Kanji. It displays information about a random selected Kanji.


Romaji To Kana

Romaji To Kana is an educational application. It converts Romaji, which is written form of Japanese in Latin alphabet, to Hiragana and Katakana. Katakana is special because Japanese write foreign names, borrow words and such using this alphabet.


Multiplication Table

An app to master your multiplication table skills.